Blued Colt on Auction Block

This Lew Horton-donated blued Colt 1911 for an upcoming Kids & Clays auction, on, was hand-engraved by Baron’s Seth Karlak, who used an American, leafy-vine scroll pattern to accent the slide’s fore and aft panels, with the forward sections surrounding the factory stampings. He also added the scroll pattern on the frame’s forward section (both sides) that goes forward from the slide stop. On each frame side, a small accent encompasses the mag release, and on the right side, a small leafy-vine scroll is nicely located between the three pin’s ends. The barrel’s chamber, which can be viewed through the ejection port, and the hammer are hand jeweled.
Tom Lent, Baron’s Custom Shop manager, finished the gun with grips that really catch the eye, as they beautifully blend black diamond pearl with a wood grain finish.