BTI Gift Box Engraving

Do you have a special person or business relation to whom you would like to give a gift in a box? Baron Technology, Inc. (BTI) can make your presentation a huge hit by engraving, and then hand painting, any logo, emblem, family crest, squadron or group emblem, favorite slogan, image, etc., that you come up with, on the presented box’s top or sides.
The size of the box you select isn’t a factor, as BTI can engrave on all sizes. From presentation or display, to cigar or wine boxes, BTI will accommodate your request. The type of wood doesn’t matter, either. If your box has interior trays, etc., BTI can engrave the recipient’s name and date on these, as well.
The design you choose will be expertly hand-painted by BTI’s talented artists, using acrylic paint colors that will make your design seem to pop off the box.
Each box is a customized item, so your recipient will receive a one-of-a-kind gift to cherish for years to come. For more information, call 203-452-0515.



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