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This gun was engraved by BTI’s master engraver Rob Bunting for a Ducks Unlimited (DU) Gala that takes place on July 21st in Lake Forest, IL. It is an auction piece for a campaign that is coming to a close … Read more

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Another beautiful Colt restoration by Tom Lent, BTI’s Custom Shop Manager.

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BTI is helping the Battleship Texas Foundation by engraving a few different firearms that can be sold to raise funds to help the Foundation’s cause. Check out the beautiful work on this Browning shotgun and Henry Rifle.

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BTI’s hand-engraver Rob Bunting just finished the 1,000,000th Glock Gen 43, last week. Now you can win it! Visit for more details.

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This Kimber 1911 belongs to a BTI artist, who designed the art for it. Alyssa Montini did the hand engraving, and the slide is plated with a brush-finished Watts nickel. The iguanas were plated with 24k gold.

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