Musical Instruments

Fire Axe Gallery

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Motorcycles/Musical Instruments

View our Custom Motorcycle/Musical Instruments Gallery  
Engraved Fireaxe/Cutlery

Cutlery / Fireaxes

View our Custom Cutlery/Fireaxe Engravings Gallery  

Baron Technology

  • Multiplies your profit margins
  • Expands custom shop offerings
  • Creates edition series that deliver repeat customers
  • Broadens your customer base
  • Produces works of art

  • Helps move your inventory
  • Enhances your current engraving capabilities
  • Mirrors your company’s quality standards
  • Increases fundraising results

Process And Finishing Services

  • Hand Engraving
  • Photo Engraving
  • Point of manufacture engraving machinery
  • Plating: gold, copper, silver, nickel
  • Hot Black Oxide
  • Antiquing
  • French grey
  • Gunsmithing/fulfillment
  • Industrial and decorative applications
  • Sculpted Engraving
  • Multi-tone and depth-laser engraving
  • Polishing
  • Inlays
  • Powder Coating
  • Nitride
  • Engine turning/fulfillment
  • Heat treat

  • Engraving On All Types of Materials

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Ivory
  • Leather
  • Pearl
  • Bone
  • Plastic
  • Other Synthetics
  • Design Services Through The Baron Art Studio

  • Offers creative services
  • Works from your supplied logos or images
  • Provides art boards
  • Interacts with your agency or in-house department
  • Produces concept sketches
  • Maintains art database
  • Offers hand painting
  • Our Custom Designs

    View our Custom Firearm Engravings
    Cutlery/Fire Axes
    View our Custom Cutlery/Fire Axes Engravings
    Motorcycle/Musical Instruments
    View our Custom Motorcycle/Musical Instruments...
    Military/Law Enforcement Editions
    View our Custom Military/Law Enforcement Editions...
    Custom Shop
    View our Custom Shop Engravings
    Baron Museum
    View our Custom Baron Museum Engravings
    Small Volume Individual Pieces
     View our Custom Small Volume Individual Piece...